Yang spectrum

yin-yang-symbol-in-hands-tattoo-designSpiritless, yet not depressed. Somewhat bored with me in spite of interesting people in the surrounding. Did I lose the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary? Would this help to set my inner torch aflame again? What I’m used to has become so familiar. Often, I forget to be grateful just like that. How can I learn to see the lessons and perhaps even positive inclinations towards something that seems wrong when I don’t even know how to appreciate obviously right circumstances. Well, my awareness is limited. I can work on it, though. However, it’ll still be limited. I know that there’s much more to the spectrum that I can sense. There’s the spectrum that I can’t detect. Similar to the incapability of my bodily senses to bring everything to awareness, my spirit goes numb in specific areas. Exercising gratitude is a moment to moment thing, isn’t it? It’s a matter of focus as well. How can I get there when I only see the unpleasant. Mustn’t I first learn to look for the yang in the yin, see the sparks that fly in the darkness? And then, I hold grasp of it and set the torch of my spirit aflame again. I have more light to see what’s there and my spectrum suddenly will be more interesting.

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