At the bookstore

Around 4. p.m I had a dentist's appointment. The doctor's office is located in the heart of the city. Nearby is the best-known shopping street of Lucerne where one can also find the largest bookstore. "Connectography - Mapping the Future of Global Civilization" is the title of the book of my choice. It sounds pretty [...]

With the first rays of dawn

A new day has broken, let’s do something. The night has imperceptibly wished goodbye, leaves behind cold air and ruins of thoughts. Now, music gets through to my ears, stimulates my brain waves anew. My thoughts go back and forth. I have the hope of hitting the stop button at the right moment. Memories blurred [...]

Yang spectrum

Spiritless, yet not depressed. Somewhat bored with me in spite of interesting people in the surrounding. Did I lose the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary? Would this help to set my inner torch aflame again? What I’m used to has become so familiar. Often, I forget to be grateful just like that. [...]

Come again, please.

“Who are you?” A question I sometimes get asked. Ah. It's the same for you? It’s also a question I keep asking myself. Sometimes quite frequently and then there are times where I seem to care little who I am. “I am who I am.” I think that’s a statement out of the Bible and [...]

‘Project Unknown’

Sometimes we just look around all of a sudden. We might have a hunch that once again something unexpectedly enters our life. On a journey with plenty of unknowns, we understandably are looking for security. Insecurity creates anxiety; it does open the floodgates for all sorts of fears. As a child, I kept having an [...]

Lady Storm

Everyday mostly worrisome news from all over the globe gets through to me. I can't do much about it but to recognize what's happening and try to figure out what I could change in my life. The feeling that occurs along with it is called Weltschmerz. Experiencing this pain shows me that I'm indeed a sentient [...]